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We are looking for adult volunteers. Whether you are former or are now active duty military,
We Want You!
 Your rewards are endlessly helping to develop our future leaders. Your mentorship can help change a young adult's life. You can help these Young minds enter into college, begin a career of military service or simply be the best they can be. Semper fi!
Portsmouth (New Hampshire) NNMEC

We are New Hampshire's only Military Cadet Corp you can select the branch you wish to be part of.  Wear the uniform and prepare for your future.  We are a very active unit promoting the Cadet core values of Discipline, Leadership and Integrety.  We pride ourselves in the high academic and physical fitness standards maintained by our members.  Unit membership is open to young men and women from ages 8 - 22 years of age with current members ranging from age 10 - 18.  What we are not is a program for troubled youth.  If you can not live the core values then you may not have what it takes to call yourself a Military Cadet- or do you?

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The NNEMCC is a youth education and service program for boys and girls, ages 8 through completion of high school. NNEMCC promotes the mental, moral, and physical development of its members. The program focuses on character building, leadership, and promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. NNEMCC Focuses on developing your minds into growing adults and promotes College through ROTC or choosing active service in any of the military branches.